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Lot 18 Kuna culture Mola cloth (21×15)


Lot 133/b Antique French book press
Lot 20 Singer (638) sewing machine in wood cabinet +manual


Lot 58 Cash Register SAM4s electronic ER-5240M + paper rolls

Auction Images

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The upload of images begins! There will be 180 items. Start browsing at your leisure. Deerfield Arts Bank Auction – FEBRUARY 25th, 2017.


Remember, this is a benefit for 7 local non-profit agencies

Local Auction 4 Local Benefit

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Come to an Auction that benefits 6 very local non-profits organizations

Bid on:     artwork, furniture, tools, textiles & curiosities of every kind collected by Jane Trigère over many years

      Saturday, Feb. 25 (6:30 – 9pm)

at the Deerfield Arts Bank  3 Sugarloaf St. in the center of South Deerfield Village
(see below for important auction Preview times)

The non-profit agencies are listed below

Auctioneer Paul Mueller-Reed of New England Auctions in Deerfield is donating his services.

Soon, you will be able to preview all items with their Lot# on this site and also on  www.auctionzip.com (details forthcoming).

And, you will be even able to leave advance bids at office@nebookauctions.com!
(You will have to leave your bid, the Lot #, your name, address and phone #)

How does this auction work?

Preview online beginning very soon, or
Preview in person: Wed-Thurs, Feb 22-23 (4-8pm)….     Fri, Feb 24 (10-4pm)…. Sat, Feb 25 (5-6:30pm)
or by appointment (contact Jane Trigère (413)768-8917 or janetrigere@gmail.com)
Leave a bid or come to the auction on Sat, Feb 25 (6:30-9:30 pm)  150-200 items!
If you are the winning bidder, YOU get to choose which agency gets the check.
We just get the pleasure and of supporting community.

The Food Bank www.foodbankwma.org
The Literacy Project www.facebook.com/literacyproject
Stone Soup Café www.stonesoupgreenfield.org
Franklin Area Survival Center www.franklinareasurvivalcenter.org
CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture) www.buylocalfood.org
Museum of Our Industrial Heritage www.industrialhistory.org

Talk & slide Presentation

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 by  visiting German artists , Marlis Glaser and Samuel Fischer-Glaser (mother & son) on Sunday, May 15 at 3:00pm at the Deerfield Arts Bank, 3 Sugarloaf St., South Deerfield.

from”FACE” series

Marlis Glaser is a prolific painter who focuses on visual narratives based on actual interviews with her subjects. Her “Abraham Project“ which she will be sharing with us, is a collection of more than 180 portrait sketches and paintings which brings together biblical, historical and biographical content and elements from the history of art. The world of German-speaking survivors has been interpreted through 4 symbolic motifs: FACE, TREE, NAME and  OBJECT. This exhibit has traveled to 22 venues in Germany, France since 2006 and in Israel, when it was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel and the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht.

from “OBJECT” series

 Glaser‘s paintings have been inspired by Hebrew illuminated manuscripts, the Jewish festivals, the verses of the German-Jewish poet Else Lasker-Schüler and the poetry of “The Song of Songs.”   All of  these are intimately connected, as well, to Glaser‘s series of paintings “Trees in Jerusalem.”


Marlis Glaser (www.marlis-glaser.de) studied at Academies of Art in Bremen & Hamburg and has exhibited in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Israel and Denmark.
Her projects have included (1978-89) wall installations:
   – The History of the Labor Movement
   – The History of the Women’s Liberation Movement
   – Women of the French Revolution
   – Portraits of Women of the Resistance, World War II
The Legacy of Janusz Korczak and his Orphans (2002-04), a project undertaken with schoolchildren


Samuel Fischer-Glaser has studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich since 2012.  His unique point of view is filled with biblical and literary references (e.g. Franz Kafka’s The Castle, Goethe’s no-huggingpoem, Erlkönig (Elf King),  King Belshazzar from the Book of Daniel, or a 1940 song from the Krakow ghetto by Mordechai Gebirtig)

In his drawings, collages, fabric sculptures and installations, he explores psychological and moral aspects of characters and their behaviors, confronting the viewer with his own shadow self. The works show the close connection between religion, psychology, literature and language.

He has participated in numerous European exhibitions.  (Including  the European Day of Jewish Culture in Attenweiler.)
See www.sfischerglaser.de/index.php/en

A reception follows the presentation.
The public is invited.

More info: Jane Trigère (413)-768-8917
or Ken Schoen ken@schoenbooks.com

Sketching Portraits with Words

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It was a wild success!

18 people came to write.  Jane Roy Brown asked us to focus on one portrait in the gallery and first to simply describe what we saw, then to amplify with what what we felt or imagined.  And then we had to pick another portrait in the gallery and create a dialogue between our two candidates.  Several writers volunteered to read what they had written.  It was astounding.  The room came alive around us with “real feeling” personalities.

Sketching Portraits with WORDS

Sunday, January 10 (12-2pm)

with author and writing coach

Jane Roy Brown

Jane Roy Brown


Join Jane Roy Brown for a 2-hour workshop on writing about people.
We will compose a few short “verbal sketches” based on some of the visual portraits on exhibit currently in the gallery. Come learn a few techniques to punch up your writing skills.
No writing experience required—only the willingness to have some fun!
Bring notebook & pen or a laptop.

Hanukkah Party

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The 5th Night of Hanukkah

Everyone is invited!
6:30pm on Thursday, Dec 10

a community together celebrating simple pleasures and historic events

Singing and playing dreidel, too

We had a big happy crowd last year.  Come again this year.
Bring your menorahs and candles and we will all light our candles together.
we’ll have lots of extra menorahs.
Rabbi Ben Weiner, a Deerfield resident, will officiate and
explain the traditions and history for newcomers.

Sketch Session NEW Pictures

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  photo 2 (2) photo 2 (1) photo 1
photo 3 (1) photo 3photo 3 (2)
photo 6
Portrait Sketch Session with Elizabeth Stone:
Thursday, December 3, 6-8 pm

What are we saying about ourselves in a self-portrait?
When we paint a portrait, what are we trying to reveal about the subject and what is concealed?
The work of 40 local artists demonstrates this puzzle.

BS_01_ Woman in a Burkha

Artist Elizabeth Stone will draw a charcoal portrait from a live model  Thursday, December 3
Come watch or sketch along.

Sketchers may ask for hints about how to improve their drawings at the break.
Bring a sketchbook and simple materials (pencil, pen, charcoal, eraser).

These 2 paintings are Elizabeth Stone’s contributions to the current Portraits exhibit

New art classes start soon -Register NOW!

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Fantastic new classes start VERY soon:
Go to http://deerfieldartsbank.com/classes/ to sign up!

Bookmaking (March 10), 
Embroidery (3/15),
3-D design/print (3/17 or 3/26),
Pysanky (3/22),

WIMG_2839atercolor (3/23),
Origami (3/24),
Jewelry (3/29),
Papercutting (3/31),
Calligraphy (4/12) &
Drawing (4/26),


Hanukkah Candle Lighting – 12/23/14

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The community is invited to celebrate the 8th night of Hanukkah

Tuesday, Dec. 23 at 5:00pm

P1110818P1110818Rabbi Ben Weiner of Deerfield will light the candles and lead the blessings. We will also sing traditional Hanukkah songs and spin dreidles.  If you have a Hanukkah menorah, bring it.

Come join in celebration of

religious freedom and

re-dedication to our ideals.

Everyone is invited!

There will be light holiday refreshments.

Radio Interview!

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Click to listen to the NEPR radio interview about the exhibit “Chair Dreams…interpreted”

by Edw. Ward
by Dorit Jordan Dotan
by Rosalyn Driscoll
by Rosalyn Driscoll
Wicker Chair & Shadow - Preview
photo by Andrew Cavacco


inkwash by Judith Joseph
ink wash by Judith Joseph
by Lika Tov
by Lika Tov