is all about local artists and their art.

These half-hour interviews by gallery owner Jane Trigère

are broadcast on local public access TV. The show is produced at FCAT and most were edited by Lacey Arnold.

All the interviews can be found online Here!

The  individual interviews are below in calendar order.

Special Edition 1 – Guillermo Cuellar

Special Edition 2 – Dale Schwarz

Special Edition 3 – ‘Chair Dreams’ by Arnold Friedman

Catherine Richotte

Louise Minks

Guillermo Cuellar

Alexandre Pazmandy 6/1/15

Rob Chirico 6/1/15

Jenny Tibbetts 6/1/15

Laurieanne Wysocki5/11/15

Barry Moser 5/11/15

Leonore Alaniz

Dale Schwarz

Ed Kaplan

Linda Devine

Sandra Haynes

Laurie DeVault

Jim Murphy

Gary Smith 2/2016

Edith Bingham

Greta Kessler

Anne Taylor

Theresa Rock

Richard Cohen

Rachel Hankinson

Janet Winston

Margaret Humbert-Droz

Marsha Lieberman

Julie Cavacco

Robin Hoffman

Martha Brouwer