The Helles Method

In Jane’s youth she studied at the Lycée Français De New York, a French-speaking Bilingual school in Manhattan. There, she met her dance teacher and future life-mentor, Maia Helles. Maia Helles developed a fitness routine first created by her mother, Nee Helles, intended to promote flexibility, longevity, and health. Maia lived happily (and largely independent) until the age of 100, passing away in 2016.

Below is a video of Maia presenting a stretching routine at Lander Grinspoon Academy, introduced by Jane.

Below is an interview Jane held with Maia, recorded at Jane’s home in South Deerfield. They discuss family, Maia’s life, and philosophy.

Finally, Jane and Maia have conversation over dinner at Jane’s home on May 23, 2006.