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Titanic painting
The Titanic, oil on rolled canvas (6′ x 6′)




Come to an Auction
to benefit SEVEN very local

100% of the $$$ goes to them!

183 items! Artwork, furniture, tools, textiles & curiosities!
collected by Jane Trigère over many years
with some contributions by our friends

click HERE for a news ARTICLE in The Recorder

      Saturday, Feb. 25   (6:30 – 9:00pm)  

at the Deerfield Arts Bank  3 Sugarloaf St. in the center of South Deerfield Village
(see below for important auction Preview times)


The non-profit agencies are listed below

Auctioneer Paul Mueller-Reed of New England Auctions in Deerfield is donating his services.

You can preview all items with their Lot# on this site

           And soon also on  www.auctionzip.com (details forthcoming).
And, you will be even able to leave advance bids at office@nebookauctions.com!
(You will have to leave your bid, the Lot #, your name, address and phone #)

How does this auction work?

Preview online, or
Preview in person:
….Wed-Thurs, Feb 22-23 (4-8pm)…. Fri, Feb 24 (10-4pm)…. Sat, Feb 25 (5-6:30pm)

   or by appointment (contact Jane Trigère (413)768-8917 or janetrigere@gmail.com
Leave a bid at office@nebookauctions.com or
 Come to the auction on Sat, Feb 25 (6:30-9:30 pm)  183 items!
If you are the winning bidder, YOU get to choose which agency gets the check.
We just get the pleasure of supporting community.

The Literacy Project  www.facebook.com/literacyproject
Stone Soup Café   www.stonesoupgreenfield.org
Cancer Connection   www.cancer-connection.org
The Food Bank   www.foodbankwma.org
Franklin Area Survival Center
CISA  www.buylocalfood.org
Museum of Our Industrial Heritage  www.industrialhistory.org


These are some sample items in the Auction. Click here  for the complete list….

img_3130img_3126-editedimg_3118-editedimg_3127-edited   img_3174-editedimg_3129-edited


Click HERE for ALL Images of AUCTION ITEMS

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…Have you checked out our interviews with local artists?

LISTEN to this radio interview by Jill Kaufman on NEPR!

Thank you
...to all who visited our exhibits,
…to those who purchased art from local artists,
…to all those artists who entrusted their work to us,
…to those who volunteered their time and efforts to helping us,
…to the local press who covered our shows and events,
…to those who encouraged us at every turn and
…to those who challenged us to reach higher.

Thank you to one and all.
gratefully, Jane Trigère