Trigère Branch

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Jane’s paternal family, the Trigères… Jane’s father, Sioma, was a designer and businessman alongside his sister, Pauline. They were the only two children of Jane’s paternal grandparents, Alexandre Triger and Cecile Coriene. 

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Herschel Coriene, Jane’s great-grandfather. Cécile, one of his five children with Paula Rosenman, would marry Alexandr Triger.
Cécile Coriene & Alexandr Triger, at their wedding in 1901.
Alexandr and Cécile would have two children, Sioma (born 1902 in Odessa) and Pauline (born 1908 in France, seen here on the right)
Young Pauline and Sioma
Zalman (Solomon) Coriene would marry Yeva Perlman in 1900, and have 4 children: Paula, Celeste, Jacob, and Ruth. Each of the children were about Sioma and Pauline’s age.
Rose Coriene married Georges Wechsler in 1904. They had three children: Sioma Boris, Paya Leah (Pauline), and Jeanne Renee.
Sioma Trigère would marry Jane Ellis in 1947. They would have their only daughter, Jane Trigère, in 1948. Sioma and young Jane are seen here with Cécile.
Pauline at her wedding to Sioma’s good friend, Lazar Radley (Radzinsky), in 1928. They would have two sons, Jean-Pierre Alexandre (1932) and Philippe Daniel (1935).
Sioma's naturalization papers to the United States, in 1943.
Sioma’s naturalization papers to the United States, in 1943.
Pauline, circa 1960s, photographed by Richard Avedon