Papercut Art” (Jan.15 – Feb.12, 2015)
Weaving Up & Down” (Mar.12 – Apr.12, 2015)
Black & White & Read All Over” (April 16-May 17, 2015)
Just Visiting: Chirico Was Here!” (July 2 – 30, 2015)
LandEscapes” (May 21-June 21, 2015)
Portraits: Revealing & Concealing” (Nov. 15, 2015 – Jan.14, 2016)



papercutting png 2-002

Thursday, Jan. 22 is the festive artists’ reception from 6-8.

Imagine something like this!

72 dpi by the pasture gate

Or simply come see at Deerfield Arts Bank.

Jan. 15 – Feb. 12, 2015


3 by Greta Kessler   P1110915

3 by Greta Kessler


by Edith Bingham …  Margaret Humbert-Droz  … Maggie Shollenberger  …  Carloyn Guest

by Peggy Davisby Peggy Davis

Scan 3_2by Edith Bingham

2179by Yehudit Shadur


“Weaving Up & Down:13 Tapestry Weavers”

 March 12 – April 12


The public is invited to a Festive Reception

Thursday, March 19, 2015    6:00 – 9:00 pm

Two Demonstrations with Hands-on Participation

*Thursday, April 2  (6-8 pm)                                           *Sunday, April 12  (4-6 pm)
with Tamar Shadur                                                                with Janet Austin
    xShadur3                                                                 Austin2012TapestryDiaryJulyAugustSept


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Individual works, wall by wall…

Louise Abbott  –  Micala Sidore – Susan Pretty  –   Minna Rothman – Tamar Shadur
Sue Urquhart


Susan Matthew                                             Greta Kessler

P1120107P1120108P1120109 (1)KesslerKessler

Sarah Warren     Barbara Burns      Janet Austin       Eve Pearce        Susan Clark


The Gallery Guide


Reception Weaving Up & Down

A young baker and her woven cake


The musicians “Lilies”


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“Black & White & Read All Over”

A multi-media exhibit exploring interpretations of text, publications, and a most dramatic palette of color.


“JUST VISITING:  Chirico Was Here!”


Interview with the artist

4 special EVENTS

1. Thursday, July 2 (6-8pm): Opening Reception

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2. Thursday, July 9 (6-8pm): “Swig & Swear”

Come join artist, writer, and drinks enthusiast Rob Chirico for some “sipping and swearing” at his exhibit Just Visiting: Rob Chirico Was Here!  Wearing two hats, at least, Rob trades in his beret to don his cap as a successful writer. His books include Field Guide to Cocktails and Damn! A Cultural History of Swearing in Modern America.

Rob will also give a short “sweary” reading at 7pm  (parental guidance suggested!).

3. Thursday, July 16 (6-8pm): Reception for artists only

All local artists invited to a gathering to discuss art and the business of art with gallery owner Jane Trigère and others (more info will follow)

4. Thursday, July 23 (6-8pm): Getting Published… an Insider’s Guide
Rob Chirico will share what he has learned about writing, getting an agent and getting published in print and online.


About Rob Chirico, the artist

Rob Chirico is a masterly oil painter who focuses intently on landscapes and still lifes. And, for the first time in New England, he will be showing his witty and irreverent drawings, what he calls his “Art Objections.” They are all pastiches and parodies of works of art, with a good deal of irony and gender-bending. 

Up until graduate school his medium was drawing in pen and pencil. He studied the techniques of the masters, particularly Vermeer, and realized that the type of art he wanted to create would be a long and tedious process of building up successive layers of paint called glazes. One begins thin, with very little paint mixed with a medium like turpentine. Having read that the early Netherlandish artist Jan van Eyck used lavender oil, Chirico used this rare and expensive essence to mix with his paints. Each succeeding layer becomes thicker as the forms are more defined. Blending the oil paints with a polymer resin, the paint layers become thinner and thinner, thus giving his pictures a striking luminosity. Chirico’s paintings are unusually real, almost surreal, but never photographically real. He earned a Ph.D. in art history from N.Y.U.’s Institute of Fine Art.

He is also the author of many unusual books. Field Guide to Cocktails (Quirk Books/Random House October 2005), is in its third printing and has sold over 25,000 copies, and has been translated into Polish! He has also written Martini Madness and Up in Smoke (about cigars), and has published articles in the food journal Gastronomica. His novel, Onward Kitchen Soldiers, which is a humorous take on food media, publishing, and public relations, was published in April 2014 as an e-book with Untreed Reads. His non-fiction book, Damn! A Cultural History of Swearing in America was published by Pitchstone Press in 2005. His cookbook/memoir Escape from an Italian-American Kitchen: Or How I Learned How not to Cook Like My Mother will be published later in 2015. Chirico lives in Greenfield with his wife Valdina.


LandEscapes (May 21-June 21, 2015):
A Gallery Tour and snapshots of the Receptions

Click here: Gallery Tour video  for local public access TV

Photos from Receptions May 21 and June 4. Click photo to enlarge!


And more photos by Kate Adams. thank you



To accompany our new exhibit… the windows of the former ATM alcove at the front of our gallery and all the other windows too… are filled with huge enlargements of old studio portraits of grandparents and great grandparents, family groups and moody solos…

photo (2)

photo 2photo 1