New exhibit “Portraits: Revealing & Concealing”

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Portraits: Revealing & Concealing. Nov. 15, 2015 – Jan 15, 2016
Reception: Thurs., Nov. 19 (6-8pm)

Every portrait we see shows us something about an individual… but also, is not showing something.

There was a time in the 17 & 18th centuries when portraits were commissioned  by the subject of the portrait.  In the background one could see their castle and property.  Their clothes and jewelry showed their wealth, their position behind a desk demonstrated their intelligence or profession.  What are we saying about ourselves in a self-portrait?  When we paint a portrait, what are we trying to reveal about the subject and what is left hidden?  These are the things we will explore with 40 local artists.  And these are the things I hope will intrigue the viewers.

Concorde Tree and Giant Paintings

by Rachel Hankinson

1) Alexis, $2,500, 20x20_by Sam Thurston

glassmaker1                                                                                                               by Miriam Wells

DSC00055by Edith Bingham

JaneTrigerePortraitplusmMatisseFlorals 022by Ann McDonald


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